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Database of Freelance Translators

Dear Translation Agency,

If you are interested in employing freelance translators, please don't hesitate to use our translator database.

You can now obtain the latest release of the database of   freelance translators.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no good way to obtain such a database for free on the Internet. The best you could do is to find a list of translators, and you would still need to visit each translator's page or website in turn - so it would take much time and effort and may not be efficient for your business.

We offer you   translators' resumes on one spreadsheet - in an xls or csv file.

We do our best to regularly upgrade our database with new translators registered at The latest upgrade was March 10, 2022.

You can obtain a Free Database Sample to have an idea of what it is like.

You can check what translators are listed in the database and contact each one of them individually free of charge:

You can also contact many translators with a single click using the following form (you need to buy the access code first):

Attention linguists / translators: if you no longer wish to to be listed in our database of translators, please let us know. Your resume will be promptly removed.

On the other hand, if you want to add your resume to our database, you are welcome to do so at our registration page.

Key Benefits:

  • Our database of translator resumes is a unique product: we are not aware of any other products like this.

  • You must have spent quite a lot of money to start your translation agency: learning foreign languages, buying books, dictionaries, attending courses, purchasing computers, other equipment, connecting to the Internet, buying expensive software licences etc etc. So, why not invest a little bit more in the database of people who will actually do the work of translation?

  • This comprehensive database has been created from translator registrations at this portal - thus translators have agreed to be listed in this database.

  • It contains resumes of translators from all parts of the world.

  • This reference product will help you to employ translators proficient in almost any major language combination. The database contains translators of 1,000+ language pairs.

  • Even if you already have a large pool of translators on your database, adding translators from our database may provide you with the opportunity to choose the very best among the best - or the least expensive among the most inexpensive!

  • We can issue an official invoice for your accounting purposes (a hard copy can be airmailed to you).

  • The translator data have been compiled into one spreadsheet (.xlsx or .csv format).

  • The database (the download link) will be sent to you by e-mail, usually, within several business hours after receipt of your payment (sometimes order processing can be delayed for up to a couple of days due to various reasons like force majUSDe, overwork, holidays etc).

  • You no longer need to process hundreds of files with translator resumes - instead you will be able to use just one file and to see all the translator data at one spreadsheet.

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! In case no translator from our database responds positively to your translator employment offer and you receive no use of the database, you are offered FULL REFUND of the amount paid. Refund conditions can be found here.

Ordering/buying this database you agree with the terms and conditions posted at the following page:

For your convenience, we accept payments by: bank wire transfer, secure credit card payment, PayPal or Skrill.

For secure credit card payment, or for PayPal, bank payment please follow the BMT Micro links in the table below. For other payment methods, please send us your inquiry!


Full Database of Freelance Translators

Number of translators



Database of Freelance Translators, Freelancer License
(for freelancers & companies with up to 5 employees)
  $2500 Buy!
Database of Freelance Translators, Corporate License
(for companies with more than 5 employees)
  $5000 Buy!
Upgraded Database of Freelance Translators
(if you had bought a previous version)
  $500 Buy!

Alternatively, you can order databases of translators working in desired language pairs:

Database of Translators in One Language Pair

Number of translators



Database of English Albanian Freelance Translators 205 $100 Buy!
Database of English Arabic Freelance Translators 3060 $250 Buy!
Database of English Bengali Freelance Translators 111 $100 Buy!
Database of English Bulgarian Freelance Translators 213 $100 Buy!
Database of English Chinese Freelance Translators 1377 $280 Buy!
Database of English Croatian Freelance Translators 185 $100 Buy!
Database of English Czech Freelance Translators 220 $100 Buy!
Database of English Danish Freelance Translators 62 $100 Buy!
Database of English Dutch Freelance Translators 331 $150 Buy!
Database of English Finnish Freelance Translators 115 $200 Buy!
Database of English French Freelance Translators 2030 $250 Buy!
Database of English German Freelance Translators 900 $250 Buy!
Database of English Greek Freelance Translators 570 $150 Buy!
Database of English Gujarati Freelance Translators 250 $100 Buy!
Database of English Hebrew Freelance Translators 175 $150 Buy!
Database of English Hindi Freelance Translators 1510 $175 Buy!
Database of English Hungarian Freelance Translators 410 $145 Buy!
Database of English Indonesian Freelance Translators 1200 $170 Buy!
Database of English Italian Freelance Translators 1850 $280 Buy!
Database of English Japanese Freelance Translators 330 $250 Buy!
Database of English Korean Freelance Translators 210 $235 Buy!
Database of English Lithuanian Freelance Translators 160 $135 Buy!
Database of English Malay Freelance Translators 510 $235 Buy!
Database of English Malayalam Freelance Translators 300 $135 Buy!
Database of English Marathi Freelance Translators 420 $140 Buy!
Database of English Norwegian Freelance Translators 110 $255 Buy!
Database of English Persian Freelance Translators 720 $250 Buy!
Database of English Polish Freelance Translators 625 $250 Buy!
Database of English Portuguese Freelance Translators 1557 $260 Buy!
Database of English Romanian Freelance Translators 750 $200 Buy!
Database of English Russian Freelance Translators 3500 $280 Buy!
Database of English Serbian Freelance Translators 400 $145 Buy!
Database of English Slovakian Freelance Translators 180 $140 Buy!
Database of English Spanish Freelance Translators 3160 $270 Buy!
Database of English Swahili Freelance Translators 199 $140 Buy!
Database of English Swedish Freelance Translators 202 $140 Buy!
Database of English Tagalog Freelance Translators 340 $140 Buy!
Database of English Tamil Freelance Translators 650 $145 Buy!
Database of English Telugu Freelance Translators 400 $135 Buy!
Database of English Thai Freelance Translators 250 $135 Buy!
Database of English Turkish Freelance Translators 700 $260 Buy!
Database of English Ukrainian Freelance Translators 600 $250 Buy!
Database of English Urdu Freelance Translators 380 $135 Buy!
Database of English Vietnamese Freelance Translators 700 $165 Buy!
Database of Arabic English Freelance Translators 1700 $270 Buy!
Database of Bulgarian English Freelance Translators 115 $100 Buy!
Database of Chinese English Freelance Translators 650 $250 Buy!
Database of Danish English Freelance Translators 80 $100 Buy!
Database of Dutch English Freelance Translators 200 $150 Buy!
Database of Finnish English Freelance Translators 40 $100 Buy!
Database of French English Freelance Translators 1500 $265 Buy!
Database of German English Freelance Translators 900 $280 Buy!
Database of Greek English Freelance Translators 170 $145 Buy!
Database of Hebrew English Freelance Translators 130 $120 Buy!
Database of Hindi English Freelance Translators 500 $275 Buy!
Database of Indonesian English Freelance Translators 350 $160 Buy!
Database of Italian English Freelance Translators 570 $270 Buy!
Database of Japanese English Freelance Translators 490 $260 Buy!
Database of Norwegian English Freelance Translators 60 $100 Buy!
Database of Persian English Freelance Translators 270 $110 Buy!
Database of Polish English Freelance Translators 200 $145 Buy!
Database of Portuguese English Freelance Translators 640 $260 Buy!
Database of Romanian English Freelance Translators 240 $140 Buy!
Database of Russian English Freelance Translators 900 $275 Buy!
Database of Spanish English Freelance Translators 1540 $280 Buy!
Database of Swedish English Freelance Translators 90 $100 Buy!
Database of Tagalog English Freelance Translators 130 $135 Buy!
Database of Tamil English Freelance Translators 165 $135 Buy!
Database of Thai English Freelance Translators 90 $100 Buy!
Database of Turkish English Freelance Translators 240 $135 Buy!
Database of Ukrainian English Freelance Translators 160 $120 Buy!
Database of Urdu English Freelance Translators 145 $100 Buy!
Database of Vietnamese English Freelance Translators 180 $100 Buy!
Database of Translators of Another Language Pair Please inquire $100 Buy!

Please also consider ordering our other products and services:

Other Products and Services




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We accept:

translator database freelance translators translators list

database of translators

Testimonials of satisfied customers


I am taking great pleasure in recommending the database of translators of

As, the world leading provider of online dictionary and translation solutions, is currently building a worldwide network of translators, I used the entire database as my main resource for contacting translators.

The response rate was extremely high and the members of the database have proven to be qualified and motivated translators.

This database is truly kept in good condition (only some 5% were undeliverable emails!) and is a valuable up-to-date resource for translation related enterprises.

With greatest thanks,

Dr. Ursula Ron
Translator Team Manager
ursula [at] – Translation Software and Free Online Dictionaries

Babylon logo

I would just like to let you know that your database of translators was the best investment we ever made. Our business increased multiple times since we acquired the DB half a year ago and we are now providing crazy language combinations for respectable customers, which we would have had to turn down, had we not purchased your product. I am wondering why the other translation agencies are so lazy and send the complicated projects to us instead of contacting the foreign translators themselves.

Just one note – the format of your DB is really unfriendly, no established translation agency is using Excel to search for translators and it took us much time to convert your data into a format friendly to our PHP / MySQL solution. Also the translators who provide multiple languages had to be retyped manually (we use two interconnected SQL tables, one with translators and the other with their language combinations). So perhaps this is one of the things which helps us to maintain the competitive edge, our technical and marketing skills combined – and your juicy data of course.

There is one thing which concerns me though – in our country (and in EU in general) there are quite strict laws regarding data protection. As we manipulate freely with the data we purchased from you, we may be forced to prove that we have the right to do that if we come under the scrutiny of the many powerful regulative bodies. Are you able to provide us with a comprehensive license contract for the DB or, alternatively, are you able to prove that you have the right to resell the data regarding individual translators? I would be glad for any cooperation just to put our legal dpt at ease.

I can provide the invoice from our purchase for your reference if you need it.

With kind regards

Hero Translating v. o. s.

I must say that the translators directory has helped me to get in contact with many translators around the world and co-operate in different projects in different language combinations and specilizations. It is a very useful tool in hand and a must for every professional translator.

Nikolas Alexi
Papacosta Leonida 11
8220 Chloraka, Pafos

Translation Agency

° Translation of almost any language combination and subject
° Composition of essays, assignments, projects
° Proofreading/Editing
° Website designing
° Website translations


Tel: 0035726270843
Fax: 0035726271198
Mobile: 0035799567680
lexikkon79 at yahoo gr

We have found your database to be an excellent and useful resource for augmenting our house database of translators, and growing our network rapidly. The feedback we've received from translators in your database is also helping us improve our business relations with them.

--Evan Norman
McElroy Translation
McElroy Translation provides translation and localization services in all languages to business and government clientele enhancing their ability to compete in global markets.

Just saying thanks for the linguist database - in the past 4 days, I have had 800 translators (yes, eight hundred) register with my sites and another 100 have enquired about working with me - it is amazing.

Peter Stanley
Director of
Translation Central and Translation Express
Translation Central Ltd
peter at translationcentral com 


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