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Professional membership costs only $96 per year (that is just $8 per month) both for freelancers (freelance membership) and companies (corporate membership) - and includes the benefits listed in the table below.

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Member User Estimated Value
1 All job postings notifications for ALL LANGUAGE PAIRS (by RSS) Yes No 10 USD

Access to 7,000+ translation agencies' contact details (the offline version is offered at $2500)

Yes No 20 USD
3 All job notifications e-mailed without an 8-hour delay Yes No 5 USD

Ability to apply for an unlimited number of jobs posted at

Yes Up to 3 applications per month 10 USD

Send mass e-mails to translators - one click per language pair!

Yes No 87 USD

Advertising at the main page (on rotation)

Yes No 5 USD
7 Advertising at the relevant freelancer language pair page or agency country page Yes No 5 USD

Advertising in the freelancers-members directory or corporate-members directory

Yes No 5 USD
9 700+ blacklisted translation outsourcers Yes No 27 USD
10 Translator and translation agency search feature Yes

Up to 10 searches per month

11 Listing at the top of the search results in the translator and translation agency search feature Yes


12 400+ how-to-find-clients ideas and tips Yes No 28 USD
13 50+ tips on how to become a prospering translator Yes No 19 USD
14 30+ tips on how not to be scammed as a freelance translator Yes No 5 USD
15 Prioritised e-mail inquiries processing Yes No 5 USD
16 Listing at the top of the lists of translators or agencies Yes No 5 USD
  Total estimated value     246 USD
  You pay only     96 USD

By joining as a member, you agree with our terms and conditions.

If the investment into the professional membership helps you to obtain at least 1 new client, that client's first order may cover your whole yearly cost of the membership.

Moreover, that client might become your lifetime customer!

And our blacklist may help you avoid being scammed for hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

You must have spent quite a lot of money to become a translator: learning the language, travelling abroad, buying books, dictionaries, attending courses, purchasing computer, connecting to the Internet, buying expensive software etc etc. So, why not invest a little bit more to obtain the benefits listed above?

If you become/became a member of, your membership will NOT be renewed automatically and you will NOT be billed/charged automatically.

If you decide to continue being a member of after 1 year passes, you will have to buy 1 more year of membership.

Please note that those members who bought several years of membership at once are advertised higher at their language pair pages than those who just bought 1 year.

If you wish to be advertised at the very top of the lists of members, you should buy more years than other members working in your language pairs did - so that your membership expiry date is latest among all members located at your language pair page.

To become a member or to add 1 year to your membership expiry date, please click the button below.

To buy several years at once, please select the number of years in the “Qty” field at the top left of the order page which you will see after clicking the following order button:

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A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Gülşah Şengün photo

I have become a full member of and many other websites offering translation jobs for freeelance translators only three months ago and seems to be the only professional translator website which helped me contact foreign outsourcers directly and yield positive results.

I have only applied to one tenth of the foreign translation agencies working in my language pair, established many useful business ties and have already started receiving my first translation jobs from a few of these agencies.

I believe becoming a member of has been a great investment in my career.

It is simply a no-nonsense website bringing translators and translation agencies together and the full lists of reliable and blacklisted outsourcers are unique must haves for all translators.

Gülşah Şengün
English to Turkish Translator
Ankara, Turkey
E-mail: gulsah.sengun at  hotmail com


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Anuj Lingual logoI have been a member of TD since 2011.

TD has given me more than I ever expected or dreamt of. It's an awesome platform for professionals. Double value at low costs !!!

Anuj Panda, Anuj Lingual Services
Tel: (+91) 9583420558 |
E-mail: anujmd.als at


A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Kollayuth Singhchawala photoHi,

Thank you very much for your email and hope this email finds you well.

I have been happier with your service.

If you need my testimonial, here what it is supposed to be: Thank you for it’s service.

I was able to get back on my feet again because of constant clients overflowing my mailbox.

4 years passed, now I am serving more than 40 agencies worldwide singlehanded, opening my own virtual translation service, averaging USD25-30K per annum.

Thank you and wish you a good day ahead.

Once posted, kindly let me know. 🤨

Kollayuth Singhchawala
English - Thai - English translator
Bang Saothong 10570
E-mail: kollayutz at


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Edward Whiteside photoOK, I'm in. Now, if I had known that it contains all this, I would have become a member much earlier.

German to English and Hungarian to English translator
London, UK


A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Ulla De Stricker photoThank you! Here is my testimonial: is an extremely valuable tool for matching providers and clients. It was a very wise decision to join!


Ulla de Stricker
English to Danish to English translator
905 338 0357
ulla at


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Dr. Pedro Faria's photoI'm very pleased with the membership I purchased from TranslationDirectory.

I will surely purchase an additional membership next year.

Dr. João Pedro Faria
Certified Portuguese Translator
Barcelos, Portugal
Skype ID:
Mobile: +351 916 006 617


A satisfied corporate returning member’s testimonial:

Ansh company logoThe Translation Directory is the finest portal to be a member of, for anyone who is related to the translation industry.

We have gained many translators and orders from here.

The blacklisting details provided by the portal are very useful and the system of blacklisting is also very fair. The blacklisting process is not based on any single biased or unfair comment.

The investment we make in the membership earns us more than 100 times the cost.

Whenever we have any issue/problem related to the portal, the CEO (Serhiy Onoshko) returns back with an immediate and appropriate solution.

Our journey from a young little Indian company to being one of the largest translation companies today was possible because of the valuable input received from this portal from time to time.

We wish them good luck and thank them for their support.



A satisfied corporate returning member’s testimonial:

Ultra Localize logoTranslation Directory is a very good choice as a translation business listing.

A worthy, long-term investment.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Morad
Communications Manager
Ultra Localize
11 Ahmed Zaki st, Obour Buildings, Cairo, Egypt
Mob.: +202-010-24900182
Tel: +2-02-24014277
E-mail: contact at ultralocalize . com


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have increased my number of German and Australian clients in Dinka and Nuer languages by 3 times since I became a member.

Mpasua Msonobari
Swahili, Nuer and Dinka Translator

Languages Africa – Home of Native African Translations
African Languages Service Provider
Nairobi, Kenya
E-mail: msonobari at languagesafrica com


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Marco Corradi photoSince becoming a member of TranslationDirectory, not only has the number of my long-term clients increased steadily, but also the number of clients as a whole.

Instead of continuously acquiring new customers, I can now use the time to develop my professional skills and advance my career.

Marco Corradi
Italian to German and English to German translator
Hamburg, Germany
E-mail: marcocorradi at


A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Dear Mrs/Mr,

Thanks very much for the help during these years when I went through dark times. I had doubted when I searched and found, and tried this website carefully.

I was amazed I earned money from a post in this site.

So I was really thankful and paid for the first one year of membership.

And the work went on and on, it has been for over 7 years, I feel really blessed and lucky and find my confidence and faith on my career.

I am very happy! Thanks!


Reid Chang

English to Chinese translator

Wuhan, China
E-mail: reid7777 at


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have been able to have several dependable clients since I became a member.

Amlaku Eshetie
Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo Translator

KHAABBA International Language Services
Lueltaz Building, 5th Floor
CMC Michael, P.O.Box: 110307
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Yes, I'm very satisfied with your site and absolutely wish to renew my membership. But I'll wait until February 2020. How should I proceed then?

Many thanks,


Dr. Marta Casarsa Marcinko
Freelance Translator
Croatian to Italian
German to Italian
English to Italian
Udine, Italy
E-mail: martacasa at mail com


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I am happy with the investment into the membership.

First of all, I like the positive energy of the site and your nice service.

Thank you a lot!

Especially I like "The List", that is a sort of the Brand of TranslationDirectory, and very helpful in my communications.

Vlad Maccoohin
English to Russian Translator
Tashkent, Uzbekistan


A satisfied corporate returning member’s testimonial:

Linguainfo company logoI take great pleasure in interacting with you in appreciation of your services since I have been a client with TD for a very long time now.

Our organization is a registered member of your services.

We are extremely pleased to state that we have been receiving very good response through your service & we are very much satisfied with the same.

Hope you will continue to provide the same professional service to us in future.

The credit for our success as a business goes to a lot of mediums but the most prominent amongst them is TD.

Thanks & Regards

C- 2/10, Ist Floor, Bhagwati Garden Extn.,
Dwarka Morh, New Delhi 110059
Tel: 24*7 - 095 5437 5437, Office: 011 650 23456, 011 654 23456
Skype: Linguainfo, Linked In: Linguainfo, Twitter: Linguainfo
E-mail: language at


A satisfied corporate member’s testimonial:

Honey Translation Services logoRespected Sir,

Good Day!

We Honey Translation Services is a paid member in your translationdirectory website for the past 1 year. We're very much satisfied with your services and our management is glad to extend our subscription for 1 more year.

We would like to know whether there's any reduction available if we renew our subscription within 1 year. Please reply ASAP, as the deadline is tomorrow.

Sales Manager
Skype: honeytranslations
Primary Email 1: sales at
Primary Email 2: info at
Direct Line: +91 7299005577 and 8608102951


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have renewed my membership because I got some jobs from your page and your black list is especially useful before accepting anything!

Gema Pedreda
English - Spanish - English Translator
La Coruña, Spain


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Your site is excellent - well organized, very comprehensive, and offering a lot of jobs.

I am happy to be a member here.

Brigit Nagy
German - English - German Translator
Ottawa, Canada
cadraw at travel-net com


A satisfied member’s testimonial:

My name is Kaori Kawakami, and I am a very active (thanks to your service) translator. My email addresses are cada_vez_mejor at and kaori .iguchi .kawakami at, both active.

When I have time (I am working on 3 projects right now that I really do not have time), I will update my info.

Thank you.

English to Japanese Translator
Santa Lucia, Brazil


 A satisfied member’s testimonial:

LinguaInfo logo

Thanks for your support and providing us a great platform here to grow our business,

Really helpful,

Kindest regards
LinguaInfo Services Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India
Phone: 8506 8506 88, 011 650 23456


 A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Abdelrahman Nasr Khedr photoThe biggest value of my TranslationDirectory Membership is the opportunity to build more professional and long-term relationships with my clients and colleagues.

Abdelrahman Nasr Khedr

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966549449974
Skype: abdonasr24
Email: anasr at


 A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Sakshi Garg photoI thank Translation Directory for their utmost support and helping to achieve the great orders from their postings of the different projects in different languages. Their database for the blacklisted companies saves the translators from being in contact with the spammers and scammers.

I believe that it is the great platform to expand the business in the field of the translation industry.

Will be looking forward to receive more orders and wish them a very good luck for the upcoming years and so on and so forth.


Sakshi Garg
(French translator and outsourcer in all the other languages)
Skype: lalanguefrancaise1



 A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Hello and thank you very much.

I have already registered my account.

I had forgotten that I should send an email advising you that I had already completed the process so you could upgrade my account to a member account and that is why now that I applied for several jobs I could only do it for five.

Please, I ask you to change my status as soon as possible so I can continue applying, since you have excellent clients that offer very good jobs for which I am really eager to apply.

Thanks again and regards.

Mariana Green
English - Spanish - English Translator
Mexico City, Mexico
E-mail: marianitagm79 at


 A satisfied returning corporate member’s testimonial:

Translation Directory

My experience with TD was very interesting.

Before TD, I had invested a lot of time to search for translators of each language pair without any good source - which killed my time. And last time some resource had not answered - which had been very troublesome.

However later on I decided to join TD - one year ago I joined as a corporate member.

After that my problem with the search for translators ended.

I invested some money, but in fact saved 100% of my time. Also I found trusted translators, even though I handle many important projects which would have really not been possible without the help of TD.

And, most important, TD also helped if some resource did not follow deadlines & with other kinds of issues very gently & listened to everyone – after which fair decisions were taken.

Thank you TD for the wonderful service!

Vikash Jha

Vadodara, India
E-mail: vikash.jha at


 A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

It’s so enjoyable to live such an easy life. One can earn money without hunting for the job and take good rest after finishing the job.

You will be alerted when there is a new job.

Best regards,

English - Chinese - English Translator
Hong Kong
E-mail: swchansw at


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