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Hika Lemi's photo

Mr. Hika Lemi

Oromo to English translator in Kenya.

I am a professional translator, editor, proofreader and writer.I am also a professional journalist which helps me dive in to different subjects and issues. I am working as a professional translator and reviewer with different international and local organizations such as Catholic Relief Service, University of Washington, European Union, Training Leaders International, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, and so many others. I have been translating different kinds of documents, guide lines, research evidences, training manuals, contracts and agreements, legal documents, education curriculum and so on for more than 6 years. I am very professional and responsible while executing my career.

Rate per word is 0.04-0.05 Euro

Phone: +254795742436
E-mail : Contact Mr. Hika Lemi

Nairobi, Kenya

# Translator's Name, Country, Rate
2 Mihiretab Taye, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.01-0.10 Euro
3 Girma Mangistu, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.04-0.05 Euro
4 Mesfin Edosa, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.04-0.06 Euro
5 Eskel Osha, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.50-0.50 Euro
6 Dieudonne Ndagijimana, Kenya, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
7 Chala Olani, , Rate per word 0.06-0.06 Euro
8 Isayas_@02 Wakgari, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.20-0.50 Euro
9 Chaltu Jemal, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.05-0.36 Euro
10 Yuksel Fatih Bolek, Turkey, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
11 Tesfaledet Sahlu, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.03-0.07 Euro
12 Firaol Bedada, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.01-0.04 Euro
13 Ibsa Abraham, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.03-0.20 Euro
14 Jalis Nasiri, India, Rate per word 0.03-0.04 Euro
15 Mesfin Tesfaye, Ethiopia, Rate per word -0.05 Euro
16 Biftu Mume, Kenya, Rate per word 0.05-0.07 Euro
17 Jonse Desisa, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
18 Temesgen Gemeda, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.05-0.06 Euro
19 Abraham Moshe, , Rate per word 0.06-0.06 Euro
20 Jonse Ayana, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.06-0.09 Euro
21 Amare Adugna Chala, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
22 Buzayehu Degefe, Ethiopia, Rate per word -0.05 Euro
23 Sisay Chala, Germany, Rate per word 0.07-0.34 Euro
24 Biniyam Getahun, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.06-0.07 Euro
25 Gemeda Olana, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.15-0.15 Euro
26 Alemu Disassa, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.06-0.10 Euro
27 Forever Jabessa, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.20-0.40 Euro
28 Aberash Dhugassa, Ethiopia, Rate per word 0.45-0.50 Euro

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