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Yannick Gody's photo

Mr. Yannick Gody

Chinese to French translator in Belgium.

Translation, Proofreading, Subtitling, Voice-Over, Copywriting, Advertising, Tour Guiding, Market Research, Project Management, Dtp, Consulting

Rate per word is 0.08-0.12 Euro

Phone: +32 471427908
E-mail : Contact Mr. Yannick Gody

Liège, Belgium

Member of
Franck Belinga's photo

Mr. Franck Belinga

Chinese to French translator in Canada.

I shoot for unprecedented exploits in language services. The best translator you've ever come across. You can't just afford to miss the lifetime opportunity of working with me.

Rate per word is 0.05-0.08 Euro

Phone: +1(438) 229 5314
E-mail : Contact Mr. Franck Belinga

Montréal, Canada

# Translator's Name, Country, Rate
3 Fabien Quesvin, France, Rate per word 0.05-0.07 Euro
4 Emmanuel Nkuandu, Cameroon, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
5 Stéphanie Chen, France, Rate per word 0.11-0.15 Euro
6 Li-Hsiang Hsu, France, Rate per word 0.12-0.16 Euro
7 Joseph Bekolo, Cameroon, Rate per word 0.10-0.25 Euro
8 Mixian Liu, China, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
9 Awouatsa Djoufack, Cameroon, Rate per word 0.05-0.09 Euro
10 Tianyu Zhang, China, Rate per word 0.09-0.12 Euro
11 Sandy Riff, France, Rate per word 0.07-0.08 Euro
12 Alexandre Pinel, France, Rate per word 0.07-0.09 Euro
13 Dieudonne Ndagijimana, Kenya, Rate per word 0.10-0.12 Euro
14 Lylie Massaa, Cameroon, Rate per word 0.45-0.50 Euro
15 Kina Zhang, China, Rate per word 0.03-0.05 Euro
16 Christian Tabouguia, Senegal, Rate per word 0.25-0.25 Euro
17 Regine Allézy, France, Rate per word 0.15-0.15 Euro
18 Caroline Esqué, France, Metropolitan, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
19 Cecile Perio, France, Rate per word 0.10-0.13 Euro
20 Philippe Kantor, France, Rate per word -0.15 Euro
21 Miaoning Wang, China, Rate per word 0.31-0.40 Euro
22 Arlette Tamko, China, Rate per word 0.10-0.10 Euro
23 Sami Ellaia, Canada, Rate per word 0.02-0.10 Euro
24 Libin Chen, China, Rate per word 0.01-0.01 Euro
25 Odile Raymond, France, Rate per word - Euro
26 Anne-Laure Albert, China, Rate per word 0.07-0.09 Euro
27 Matthieu Bidart, Hong Kong, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
28 Rachel Vandewynckel, Belgium, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
29 Jean-Christophe Rio, France, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
30 Thomas Dupont, China, Rate per word 0.09-0.10 Euro
31 Cathy Tientcheu, Cameroon, Rate per word 0.07-0.10 Euro
32 Evaristo Kalolelo, Kenya, Rate per word 0.27-0.24 Euro
33 Florent Boutot, China, Rate per word 0.09-0.10 Euro
34 Sylvie Baillot, France, Rate per word 0.15-0.17 Euro
35 Ntibankundiye Assumani, Zambia, Rate per word 0.09-0.15 Euro
36 Flaneuse Li, Taiwan, Rate per word 0.25-0.50 Euro

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