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Sofia Molfeta's photo

Mrs. Sofia Molfeta

Italian to Greek translator in Italy.

I am a native Greek speaker, registered self-employed in Italy, with more than 10 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. I work in the following linguistic combinations: English to Greek and Italian to Greek, while my services include: Translation, MTPE, Proofreading, QA, Transcription, Subtitling, Graphic Layout, Data Annotation. I always approach my work in a professional manner, guaranteeing top-notch, grammatically and stylistically impeccable translations, delivered on time and always after a thorough final control. I am confident and reliable in my language skills and I excel in conveying the style and tone of a document to match the idioms and cultural references, ensuring an accurate and faithful translation. I have a keen eye for detail and have been praised regularly for my accurate work. My vast experience in projects of different nature has taught me the importance of research and the growth it brings, and this is one of the aspects I enjoy the most about this profession. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Rate per word is 0.04-0.05 Euro

E-mail : Contact Mrs. Sofia Molfeta

Bari, Italy

# Translator's Name, Country, Rate
2 Kostantinos Terzoglou, Greece, Rate per word 0.10-0.20 Euro
3 Eleni Gkolfou, Greece, Rate per word 0.05-0.06 Euro
4 Athina Mourtidou, Greece, Rate per word 0.04-0.10 Euro
5 Dieudonne Ndagijimana, Kenya, Rate per word 0.10-0.12 Euro
6 Ioannis Katsaros, Greece, Rate per word 0.04-0.05 Euro
7 Iliona Qejvanaj, Greece, Rate per word 0.02-0.05 Euro
8 Roula Kozi, UK, Rate per word 0.06-0.10 Euro
9 George Amolochitis, Greece, Rate per word 0.04-0.06 Euro
10 Athina Karakousi, Greece, Rate per word 0.03-0.05 Euro
11 Michela Chouvarda, Greece, Rate per word 0.07-0.10 Euro
12 Sterios Prosiniklis, Greece, Rate per word 0.07-0.09 Euro
13 Vasiliki Dosemetzi, Greece, Rate per word 0.03-0.04 Euro
14 Lila Politi, Greece, Rate per word 0.03-0.06 Euro
15 Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Italy, Rate per word 0.05-0.06 Euro
16 Maria Epistimi Anagnostopoulou, Greece, Rate per word 0.06-0.08 Euro
17 Dimitra Marina Kouliaki, Italy, Rate per word 0.05-0.07 Euro
18 Loredana Birau, Greece, Rate per word 0.03-0.04 Euro
19 Constantina Mavrou, Italy, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
20 George Bosnakis, Greece, Rate per word 0.02-0.04 Euro
21 Efi Kleinaki, Greece, Rate per word 0.10-0.15 Euro
22 Giorgio Spiliotopulos, Greece, Rate per word 0.04-0.07 Euro
23 Vicky Stasinou, Greece, Rate per word 0.09-0.15 Euro
24 Pagona Nikoloudaki, Italy, Rate per word 0.07-0.12 Euro
25 Elina Symseridou, Greece, Rate per word 0.05-0.06 Euro
26 ZacharoĆ¹la Lamp, Italy, Rate per word 0.05- Euro
27 Dionisios Fremis, Greece, Rate per word 0.02-0.03 Euro
28 Chryssa Sgourou, Italy, Rate per word 0.06-0.10 Euro
29 Nancy Manitara, Greece, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
30 Eli Buzdreva, Bulgaria, Rate per word 0.10-0.11 Euro
31 Alexandros Kalogiros, Greece, Rate per word 0.06-0.06 Euro
32 Rolando Pino, Greece, Rate per word 0.07-0.09 Euro
33 Periklis Raptis, Greece, Rate per word 0.10-0.15 Euro
34 Anastasia Michaleli, Malta, Rate per word 0.07-0.10 Euro
35 Nicky Koleoglou, Greece, Rate per word 0.08-0.08 Euro
36 Vasso Siori, Greece, Rate per word 0.1-0.2 Euro
37 Ioannis Pittas, Italy, Rate per word 0.09-0.12 Euro
38 Theodora Darviris, Greece, Rate per word 0.16-0.30 Euro
39 Stelios Hourmouziadis, Germany, Rate per word 0.10-0.25 Euro
40 Marina Kyrillopoulou, Greece, Rate per word 0.10-0.15 Euro
41 Irene Blatza, Greece, Rate per word 0.09-0.10 Euro
42 Theophilos Vamvakos, Greece, Rate per word 0.08-0.09 Euro

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