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Corporate member of
Dr.Localize Communication Bridge Company Limited

Dr.Localize Communication Bridge Company Limited
Phone: +84 2436330871


Hanoi, CT1, Skylight Tower, 125D Minh Khai, Vietnam

# Agency name
2 GTE Localize, Vietnam
3 Wise-Concetti Ltd., Vietnam
4 Thao & Co., Vietnam
5 Tomato Media, Vietnam
6 CTM Translation & Consulting, Vietnam
7 IP Translate Company Limited, Vietnam
8 Expertrans Global Joint Stock Company, Vietnam
9 Successglo Vietnam Co., Ltd, Vietnam
10 AMVN Co. Ltd, Vietnam
11 Lotus Localize, Vietnam
12 LOKCAT, Vietnam
13 Hiventy Asia, Vietnam
14 Lotus Localize, Vietnam
15 Lotus Localize, Vietnam
16 Merctrans JSC, Vietnam
17 Chivitrans, Vietnam
18 Quincy Bui, Vietnam
19 Viettonkin Translation, Vietnam
20 World To Asia, Vietnam
21 Hương, Vietnam
22 Asian Trust Translation, Vietnam
23 Vantin Int, Vietnam
24 Vietranslate, Vietnam
25 Vietnam Localization Technology Joint Stock Company, Vietnam
26 Wise-Concetti Ltd., Vietnam
27 HV Translation Company, Vietnam
28 VHT, Vietnam
29 TexTranslation Services Agency, Vietnam
30 HGT, Vietnam
31 Global Translation Company, Vietnam
32 Miyabi Legend Co., Ltd., Vietnam
33 VNLOCTRA Co.,Ltd, Vietnam
34 STAR Vietnam Translation & Software Co., Ltd., Vietnam
35 STAR Translation & Software (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Vietnam
36 STAR Vietnam, Vietnam
37 Sao Khue Consult JSC, Vietnam
38 Online Translation Agency, Vietnam
39 LingoFocus Co.,Ltd, Vietnam
40 SKG International, Vietnam
41 Bach Tran Khoa, Vietnam
42 LRK, Vietnam
43 CNN Translation, Vietnam
44 PT translations, Vietnam
45 Jonckers, Vietnam
46, Vietnam
47 THo, Vietnam
48 Vietnam Language Service, Vietnam
49 Global Market Translations, Vietnam
50 Hansem Vietnam Co., LTD, Vietnam
52 xuanhuy_47, Vietnam
53 henatranslation, Vietnam
54 Lake Wind & Sunny, Vietnam
55 EliteTrans Translation Company Limited, Vietnam
56 Hoang Hue LLC, Vietnam
57 LTC Company, Vietnam
58 Vietword Translation & Localization Co., Ltd, Vietnam
59 AZ Studio, Vietnam
60 Asia Translation Council Co.,Ltd, Vietnam
61 Vedico translation services JSC.,, Vietnam
63 GLL, Vietnam
65 Novalingoes Translation, Vietnam
66 VietnameseClasses (VNC), Vietnam
67 Vietnam National University Translation Center, Vietnam
68 Tradoc Truc, Vietnam
69 PRO Translation Group, Vietnam
70 Dichonline, Vietnam
71 Languages4me, Vietnam
72 Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam
73 TDN Translation, Vietnam
74 Master Service, Vietnam
75 HOA VIET Translation & Training Co. Ltd.,, Vietnam
76 English Vietnamese Translation Services, Vietnam
77 DTPTranslation, Vietnam
78 Vietbook Translation Division, Vietnam
79 Prepch, Vietnam
80 Duong & Tran, Vietnam
81 Tri Duc Translation JSC, Vietnam
82 Lys Vietnamese Translation, Vietnam
83 TransLingual Express, Vietnam
84 Cromie Thailai Translation & Language Solutions, Vietnam
85 GBS Co., Ltd, Vietnam

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