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Corporate member of
Home Office bvba

Home Office bvba
Phone: +32 3 242 08 08


Berchem (Antwerp), Elisabethlaan 117 box 2, 2600 Berchem, Belgium

# Agency name
2 Translation Nomads, Belgium
3 WordsOnline, Belgium
4 Connexion Corporate Communications s.a., Belgium
5 Production, Belgium
6 Untranslate, Belgium
7 Jonckers, Belgium
8 dhaxley, Belgium
9 Renia Taal & Tekst, Belgium
10 Architekst, Belgium
11 Snelvertaler bvbv, Belgium
12 TextMaster, Belgium
13 EcoLinguae, Belgium
14 Telelingua International, Belgium
15 Oneliner Language & eBusiness Solutions bvba, Belgium
16 HL Language Solutions, Belgium
17 Nancy Matis SPRL, Belgium
18 ADT Translations, Belgium
19 Traducteurs Interpretes Belges, Belgium
20 KMP Translations, Belgium
21 ChinaTrans N.V., Belgium
22 ADD Translations, Belgium
23 Philotrans, Belgium
24 EuroMinds Linguistics, Belgium
25 Amir Translations, Belgium
26 BAT, Babel Associated Translators, Belgium
27 My Translation Manager sprl, Belgium
28 Vertaalbureau Ingrid Collet, Belgium
29 Belgian Translation Centre, Belgium
30 La Plume Bilingue, Belgium
31 No Problem! Translation & Text Centre, Belgium
32 VOF De Wit Vanhercke, Belgium
33 Passus Tekstcreaties, Belgium
34 Script International, Belgium
35 Au fil des mots, sprl, Belgium
36 DML Facilitators & Consultants, Belgium
37 W.S.T.T.B.C., Belgium
38 Pegasus Intra, Belgium
39 Virtual Words, Belgium
40 Lingua, Belgium
41 FLE s.p.r.l., Belgium
42 Scripto Sensu sprl, Belgium
43 Wilkens c.s. Vertalers en Tolken, Belgium
44 Xplanation Language Services, Belgium
45 Right Ink, Belgium
46 Cope and Co Translation Services, Belgium
47 Translation Ministries, Belgium
48 ElaN Languages nv, Belgium
49 Werk-woord, Belgium
50 Mastervoice nv, Belgium
51 E. Dupont Bvba., Belgium
52, Belgium
53 Amantecon, Belgium
54 2B Translated, Belgium
55 DSDB, Belgium
56 Lacos bvba, Belgium
57 Language-World, Belgium
58 Traduco, Belgium
59 Lexitech, Belgium
60, Belgium
61 Itis Translations, Belgium
62 Arabic Translations Belgium bvba, Belgium
63 IDEST Communication SA, Belgium
64 Europrofs, Belgium
65 euroscript Delt Belgium sprl/bvba, Belgium
66 Tradoc International, Belgium
67 To The Point Translations, Belgium
68 TaalVirtuozen, Belgium
69 Tradivarius, translation and interpreting agency, Belgium
70 LNE International NV, Belgium
71 Brussels Translation, Belgium
72 NCI Translation Center, Belgium
73 Little Shop of Translations, Belgium
74 Lionbridge Belgium sprl/bvba, Belgium
75 LETS Communicate, EEIG, Belgium
76 Data Translations, Belgium
77 IXL Translations, Belgium
78 I.G.T.V. bvba, Belgium
79 Ad Verbum, Belgium
80 Halford Translations bvba, Belgium
81 Belga Translations, Belgium
82 Blondé, Belgium
83 Globe Translations, Belgium

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