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Job 65909: Get Any Language offers English to Arabic (Saudi Arabia) proofreading work - please apply!

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Get Any Language offers English to Arabic (Saudi Arabia) proofreading work - please apply!: Job 00065909

Source language(s): English
Target language(s): Arabic

Details of the project: Hi Team,

We have a translation project (English to Arabic) where we are specifically looking for a "Human linguist review / proofread for accuracy". A full translation from English to Arabic is not required. Here are the project details and requirements:

Note – Arabic content is translated via machine.

1. The current project requirement is to "proofread and make corrections as required" of 570,000 words that are in the form of video transcript files.

2. Human linguists need to proofread the given Arabic content against the original English content for accuracy and make corrections to the Arabic content as required.

3. Both the English and Arabic content will be provided by us.

4. The content is of mixed type: Persuasive Writing & Public Speaking, Programming with Python, Statistics, Remote Work Revolution, Data Science, and Exercising Leadership.

5. Deliverables would be the proofread and corrected Arabic content files.

Please share the following with us:

1. Your rate / word for proofreading and making required corrections.

2. The turnaround time. In how many days you will be able to complete the above requirement of 570,000 words? or How many words per day?

3. QA process you follow for the assurance of quality.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

This job is already available.

Sample text (50 to 200 words): 0
00:00:23,170 --> 00:00:24,190
DAVID MALAN: All right.

00:00:24,190 --> 00:00:27,670
This is CS50's Introduction to Programming with Python.

00:00:27,670 --> 00:00:30,010
My name is David Malan and this is an introduction

00:00:30,010 --> 00:00:32,500
to Visual Studio Code for CS50.

00:00:32,500 --> 00:00:35,800
Visual Studio Code, or VS Code, is a very popular program

00:00:35,800 --> 00:00:37,430
nowadays for writing code.

00:00:23,170 --> 00:00:24,190
ديفيد مالان: حسنًا.

00:00:24,190 --> 00:00:27,670
هذه مقدمة CS50 إلى البرمجة باستخدام Python.

00:00:27,670 --> 00:00:30,010
اسمي ديفيد مالان وهذه مقدمة

00:00:30,010 --> 00:00:32,500
إلى Visual Studio Code لـ CS50.

00:00:32,500 --> 00:00:35,800
يعد Visual Studio Code ، أو VS Code ، برنامجًا شائعًا للغاية

We want to pay for this job 10 EUR per hour

Who can apply: Freelancers and agencies

Deadline for applying: 03/11/2023

Keep this ad at the site permanently, but disable applying for this job after the deadline

Get Any Language
IP: (Delhi, India)
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Posted on Thursday, 09 Feb 2023, 09:11:09

This job has been closed.

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