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Job 55697: Hiring a South African English language specialist

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Hiring a South African English language specialist: Job 00055697

Source language(s): English
Target language(s): English

Details of the project: Looking for Creative Language
Specialists with outstanding writing
skills and creative minds to
participate in a project that will
help shape the future of chatbot
technology in many languages. For you
specifically, we will be working with
English for the South Africa market.

As a Language Specialist, your job is
to imagine a particular customer
support situation and then write up
examples of things you (and other
people) might say on the phone. We
call these statements “utterances”.
For example, we may ask you to imagine
that you want to change your flight
for a trip you have already schedule.
We may also ask you to include a date
in your utterance. You would then
write up several different things you
or someone might say in that
situation. Each one of the utterances
you write would need to be different,
using different kinds of words,
different styles. You need to be very
creative and write variations of each
sentence in a way that uses as many
new words as possible and use a
completely different sentence
structure. When you write an utterance
we want you to think about the kinds
of references someone from your
country would make. Specific
companies, specific government
entities, specific local currency,
specific local slang, specific local
brand names., etc

The specific job task will be to
create one sheet of utterances per
task. On the sheet there will be
several prompts (scenarios) and the
creator will create several variants
for expressing an utterance that
relates to the prompt. All specific
rules regarding spelling, grammar,
punctuation, glossary term usage, and
other specialized conventions
(orientation will be provided) MUST be
followed. If not, the creator will be
provided with feedback and ask to edit
their sheet of utterances until it
complies with our quality standards.

Schedule: Approximately 10-25 hours
per week
Location: Remote
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: About 3 months, with
possible extension
Pay Rate: $10 USD per sheet of
utterances (1 sheet = 70 utterances)

Creators will receive project
orientation and training (approx. 2
hours, unpaid). Orientation will
include some short online modules, and
training materials to use alongside
the completion of actual production
tasks. Payment will only kick in once
you successfully complete your first

This job is already available.

Special requirements to the applicants: Native-level fluency in target language (written and spoken). Great spelling and grammar are required.

Ability to follow nuanced linguistic instructions (e.g. Do not use numerals in your writing. Write out all numbers. Do not use “1”. Do use “one”).

Ability to communicate questions quickly and succinctly in English.

Ability to hit demanding deadlines by learning how to work in efficient ways.

Rich vocabulary, knowledge of local-market conditions, knowledge of local-market slang.

Ability to analyze writing prompts (scenarios) and adapt them to local cultural reality.

Efficient online research skills.

Preferred: documented work experience as a writer (teacher, linguistic student, journalism, creative writing, preferred).

Comfortable using multiple Content Management Systems/Learning Management Systems and messaging platforms.

Being highly responsive, and have a fast typing speed.

We want to pay for this job 10 EUR per hour

Who can apply: Freelancers only

Deadline for applying: 05/22/2021

Delete this ad from the site after the deadline for applying.

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IP: (Douala, Cameroon)
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Posted on Monday, 03 May 2021, 23:08:21

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