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Job 48547: English to Javanese translation and voice dubbing work

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English to Javanese translation and voice dubbing work: Job 00048547

Source language(s): English
Target language(s): Javanese

Details of the project: Dubbing Artist Eligibility

There are no such special qualifications required to become a voice-over artist.

If you have good command over your voice and can convert written words in audio then you are suitable for this profession.

Dubbing artist Required Skills

A voice-over artist is required to properly synchronize his lip movements, voice pitch, tone, and silence with the gestures and body language of the character, so depicted on the screen

They should be skilled enough to convey all emotions, through his/her voice and create perfect sync with the visuals.

To become a good voice-over artist, one should be a great voice modulator.

They should possess consistency which is a highly valued skill here, such as consistent in volume, energy, pacing, articulation, and characterization in your eye-brain mouth coordination.

They are also required cold reading like long-form narration, particularly in the areas of E-learning modules.

Other necessary essentials are clarity, consistency, conversational, coordination, characterization and convincing.

This job is already available.

Special requirements to the applicants: Age group 10 to 15 Male and Female

Age Group 25 to 30 Male and Female

Sample text (50 to 200 words): Please Share voice sample for the above Script

Sample Voice Length 2 - 3 Minutes

KAPI - Male



(KAPI, TIGA, and ROKA are in the classroom.
They are sitting together. The teacher has
given the class a list of problems to solve on
their own. TEACHER’S voice is heard in the


Do your best with your homework! One of
youwill be coming to solve the problemon the

blackboard tomorrow.

(Collective groan. The bell rings and the class


(TIGA turns to KAPI and ROKA. KAPI hasn’t
finished copying the question and hurriedly
writes it down in his notebook.)


Don’t wait for me. I haven’t finished copying

the question yet.

Bye, guys! See you tomorrow.
(TIGA and ROKA leave. KAPI hurriedly
closes his notebook and joins them.)


(KAPI is in the living room. He is sitting at a
low table and is working on his math
homework. KAPI is seen scratching his head;
he is unable to solve the problem.)


(Thinks aloud) “Why is this so hard?”
(The clock is ticking. It’s late. KAPI’S
BROTHER’S voice is heard in the

© Edsix Brainlab Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

Shall I help you, KAPI? Show me the maths


(Montage of KAPI’S BROTHER trying to help
him with his math homework: KAPI points out
the question to his brother. His brother tries to
solve the problem and is seen shaking his

head. KAPI groans.)

(Yawns) Mmm… I’mgetting sleepy. I’ll get
up early in the morning to finish it.
(KAPI gives up and goes to bed.)

(Surprised) Kapi? What a nice surprise!
You’re up so early!

Oh, are you still working on your homework?


(Grunts) Yes, Mom. I still haven’t solved the


Uh, oh! Too bad! Let me see if I can help.
(Montage of KAPI’S MOTHER helping him:
KAPI’S MOTHER sits next to him and he
slides the book to her and points out the
question. Kapi yawns as he waits. KAPI’S
MOTHER works the problem out in a book. A
little while later, she shakes her head.)
TIGA - Female
Roka - Male
Koka - Male

We want to pay for this job 0.02 EUR per word

Who can apply: Freelancers and agencies

Deadline for applying: 12/31/2019

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Honey Translation Services
IP: (Mumbai, India)
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Posted on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019, 15:07:26

Number of applications already submitted for this job: 0

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