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Directory of Language Service Providers

Become a member of at just $8 per month (paid per year)

Amazing Swahili Translator – Mpasua Msonobari - A native Swahili Translator from native Africa with his Team providing quality and timely Swahili Translation Services. Call +254 725 084 032 or email msonobari at languagesafrica  com

ABC Swedish Translation Ltd - Swedish Translations by Professionals.

Acadia Translations - Fast affordable and professional English / Russian translation and interpretation with three way conference calling.

Accredited Professional English to Chinese Translation Services - Accredited professional Chinese translator providing quality English to Chinese translation services to businesses.

Accurate Russian Translations - Professional Russian translation to/from English and French in business, science and technology, creation of web-pages in Russian. Pavel Protopopov, Ph.D., professor, certified Russian translator.

Agence de Traduction Anglais Sylang - Get your English French translation or French English translation free.

Agency41 - Agency41 is based on the professional collaboration between translators and web marketing consultants specialised in the promotion of the client’s products and services in new markets using the Internet as the main medium. Agency41 is an agency consisting of a team of about 30 professionals and collaborators and is rapidly growing thanks to the high demand coming from companies willing to develop towards foreign markets, which today can be easily reached thanks to the Internet.

Albanian Language Services - Outstanding English into Albanian and Albanian into English translation and interpretation services, high caliber editing services, lessons in both the English and Albanian languages. 

Ameraz - Translation Agency - Delivering Value In Any Language - Ameraz offers translation, localization and typesetting in any language, with a dependability and competitive price that are difficult to beat.

argTraducciones - Your gateway into Spanish communications - English and French into Spanish - Technical Translator/Editor/QA Analyzer.

Агентство переводов "Translation Service" - Агентство переводов "Translation Service" предлагает услуги в области профессионального перевода текста различной тематики по доступным ценам и в самые приемлемые сроки.

Beijing E-C Translation LTD - Translate English, German and other European languages to/from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other Asian languages. Powered with Trados, SDLX, Transit, Catalyst.

bendetto! - stands for Simply Good Translations, i.e. accuracy, precision, appropriate style, on-time delivery and flexibility, according to your needs and wishes. bendetto! not only translates from Italian and English into German, but also from English into Italian, from German into Italian and more.  If you so wish, bendetto! will manage your multi-lingual translation too, translate your advertisement slogans ('transcreation'), and handle your desktop publishing. bendetto! gives you the benefit of almost 20 years of experience in numerous translation sectors.

Betranslated - A network of professional freelance translators for your translation needs.

Brazilian Portuguese Translations - Professional English > Brazilian Portuguese translator with vast experience and expertise in a wide array of file formats. Competent with both technical and non-technical assignments. Member of the American Translators Association.

Brazilian Portuguese translator - English and Brazilian Portuguese language translation specialists. An online translator service combining dual native speakers with over 14 years of friendly and efficient translating expertise.

Bulgarski Text Ltd - Bulgarian TV/Video/DVD subtitles, subtitling software on sale.

Bulgarian translations by Albert Ward

Carsten Sinner - Translations from Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan into German, teacher of linguistics and translation science at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).

CET Central European Translations - Native speakers in Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish etc.

Cheap Translation Services - Cheap translation services in all languages using experienced native speaker translators at very low cost.

Chez Natasha - Look for English, French and Dutch freelance work with Chez Natasha's freelance work database. New links are being added regularly. If you have any suggestions, just send an e-mail. Get an insight into translation web sites; their advantages, disadvantages, and what to look out for before signing up. Chez Natasha provides translation and copywriting services to an international clientele for projects such as web sites, administrative documents, press releases, and much more.

Chrys & Helena Chrystello - More than 25 years experience professionally at the highest levels, both in Australasia and Europe, sworn translators in Australia and in Portugal, specialised in Medicine, literature, linguistics, Internet & computation, legal, engineering, politics, and international relations. Source Languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Destination Languages: English, Portuguese. - Guide to effective communication in the construction industry, includes translations from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Eleven chapters including communication, safety, understanding language barriers.

Construction Spanish - A worksite translator for construction terminology, includes Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations in a pocket-sized book. Over 1,400 words and terms covering tools, equipment, safety, landscaping and more.

Crystal Hues - Translation, Localization and Internationalization Services - Online language Translator - Indian Languages, Asian Languages, Middle East & Eastern European Languages, European Languages, African Languages.

DG Translations - Global Translations Solutions - Solving Spanish Translation Challenges. DG Translations. We are a Global Spanish Translation Agency with a highly qualified & professional Spanish Translator Team.

dp Language Solutions - Professional Language Translators provider translation between English, French, Italian and German. We specialise in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Technical and IT sectors and have a team of interpreters based in the UK and Italy.

DS translations - Accurate and timely translations from and into German, English and Czech by freelance translator based in Vienna, Austria. - Sale prices on electronic talking dictionaries that help you communicate in languages other than your own.

EgyTranslators - Your Language Partner: Translation, Localization and DTP in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

English-Danish and Danish-English translations - Proofreading, rewriting and technical writing by a certified linguist!

English-French-Russian (native) certified interpreter-translator - Trados and Transit, mobility and accessibility!

English-German Translator - Text specializations: TV & movie scripts, subtitles, dubs.

English Italian translations - Professional English Italian translations.

English Spanish Translation - Trusted Translations, Inc. is the leading professional Spanish translation service provider in the United States and a recognized industry authority on the Spanish language.

English to Spanish translator - Freelance translation services into neutral Spanish or localized for Spain. Rare combination of premium service and affordability. Translation of texts and websites.

ERB-Trans - Translation and Localization from English into Russian and Bulgarian, editing, cultural consulting, documentation search and more.

Eulenhaupt Translation Services - English-Dutch-German oriented translator, specializing in the translation of legal documents.

Financial and Legal Translators - A full-size language translation agency with highly qualified professionals in the fields of financial translations and legal translations.

Free Translation 1-800-Translate - Fast, accurate translation interpretation, and localization in 148 languages.

German translation - If you need a German professional interpreter or translator as a private customer or for your company or organisation then contact our translation agency today!

Globe Group Translation Agency - Translation services in Moscow. We deal with any language combination involving Russian. Our permanent staff are all qualified linguists who are able to provide practical common-sense solutions to the linguistic needs of everyday business. We give people understanding...

Global Translations  - Provides a wide range of innovative globalization solutions to help companies maximize their global business opportunities. We provide quality localization services in over 30 languages.

GoLocalise - Translation | Localisation | Voice Over | Dubbing.

Helena El Masri - Portuguese Translator and Publisher of the Glossary for Public Service Interpreters. Now on sale in 8 languages.

Ina Wilms - English into German certified translations by a member of the BDU (German interpreter and translator association).

InterASAP Net - Spanish translation agency that works with all languages and formats.

K International plc - We specialise in the translation required by the UK Government. Providing translations in almost 150 languages.

Language translation services - Lengua Translations offers high quality and affordable translation services from and to almost all languages of the world.

Lingo24 - Lingo24 is a leading provider of translation services between all major world languages. Based in the UK, the company also has full-time operations in China, Romania and New Zealand.

Lotus Language Service - German-English technical translation. Over 10 years experience in cooperation with large multi-national companies producing highly technical documentation. Very reasonable rates, fast turnaround and friendly service.

LX - Translations into Hungarian and Serbo-Croat - Your stepping stone to doing business in Hungary and the successor states of (the former) Yugoslavia. Languages handled: English>Hungarian, English>Serbo-Croat (Serbian Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin) in a range of fields: Marketing & Communication; Business & Finance; Computing & Web; Corporate; Geography (Environment); International relations; Trade; Travel & Tourism etc. Proof-reading.

Maloof Language Services - A wide variety of translation services by certified freelance translator: Spanish to English, French to English, and Portuguese to English.

Medical translation - Professional translation agency. Superior service, more than 100 languages and 24/7 live support.

New Lingo Translators - High quality translation services at excellent prices. Website translation and localization services with operations in the UK and New Zealand.

NG-translation<=>NG-traduction - Translation French-English and English-French of texts and Web sites by professional linguist.

Polish-Italian-Polish translations - By Krzysztof Bogucki.

Pro Spanish Translation - We say what you mean! Quality translations from Spanish into English and English into Spanish. Speedy turnaround. We specialize in Business, Legal and Technical Translations.

Professional Italian to English Translation - Count on us for English to Italian and Italian to English translation performed by Real Humans. Quality Translation for Medical, Legal, Marketing and Business applications.

Professional translation and localization  - from English to Polish. Full localization and DTP service.

Professional Translation Company - All-Translations Company provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages.

Professional translation of English-Portuguese (Brazilian) texts
- Areas include: chemical, environmental, civil, petroleum, electrical, nuclear, metallurgical and materials engineering, architecture, foreign trade, geology, physics, chemistry, instrumentation, pharmacy, food, informatics and correlated areas, technical manuals and patents.

Projekt Einklang - Japanese/German, Japanese/English and English/German translations by Thomas Blasejewicz.

Reflex Translation Services - NATO Supplier Reflex Translation Services, founded in 1983, provide translations in 500+ language pairs, with 600+ translators and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, to DIN 2345 Specification.

Russian/English Translation Services USA - Translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages. We offer technical, scientific, financial, legal, medical translations, website and software localization, translation of business/personal correspondence.

Russian Solutions UK - Russian translations with online quotation service, by a Freelance Translator based in Cambridge. Prompt, professional and reliable service at low cost.

Russian translations & related services  - By a native Russian language professional - accurate and reliable.

Sign Language Interpreting Agency - A sign language interpreting agency that allows businesses to find sign language interpreters for medical, legal, educational, governmental settings, and more.

Spanish Translation - Spanish Translation US: Quality Spanish translations by expert Spanish translator teams at competitive prices.

Spanish Translations - IBIDEM is a Spanish translation agency specialized in Spanish-English translations, localization and technical translations. Translations from-into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Stack, Ltd. Software Projects Department - Russian Translation & Localization Services.

Strictly Spanish Translation Services - Provides quality English-to-Spanish translations, proofreading, editing, and website localization. Hassle-free services at competitive prices by professional translators.

Thai Translation Service - Low cost, high quality, Thai<>English translations.

Traduzioni.adesso - English to Italian translations by professional mother tongue translators.

Translation Agency - Translation agency providing the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects.

Translation Bureau LINGUA - Translation and interpreting of any kind, in all topics. Legalization at Kyiv City, Region Department of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health. Appostille of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education. Consular legalization at foreign embassies in Ukraine. WE RESOLVE COMPLEX AND URGENT PROBLEMS. 10% DISCOUNT FOR ALL SERVICES TO LONG-TERM CUSTOMERS.

Translation Services Plus - For professional translations and Interpreting. by Ivan Costa-Pinto - Freelance translations from/into Portuguese and English, specialized in Bill of Lading - Insurance - Shipping/Maritime - AWB-Legal - Contracts - Marketing - Medical - Manuals - Juridical - Courts. - A worksite translator for transportation terminology, includes Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Over 3,600 words and terms used in the Transportation and Warehouse industries.

Turkish Language Translator - Turkish-English translation services.

Virtual-Words - Offers integrated solutions for simple or complex projects ranging from plain text translation to full multilingual localization, including dubbing and subtitling of multimedia content. Translators and translation agencies are welcome to register with us.

Website of Ekaterina Abadjieva - Highly qualified translator with over ten years of experience in translating from English into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian into English: Experienced in a vast variety of subjects: biology, teaching and learning, humanitarian fields and religion; skilled in translating various types of texts: books and short stories; scientific articles; reviews and abstracts; conference proceedings and reports; business and technical documents or letters; manuals, specifications, and instructions; private correspondence.

Website translations - Get your website translated for a more selling impact with non-English speaking communities! Use top-notch language translators for a more effective marketing. Get your free quote today! - Language translation solutions you can rely on. Articles about translation, CATs, Simplified English, Word for translators ... and overall quite a bit of information on the translation business. A good place to look at for data, prices or translation services.




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